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Umpire Dan Bellino makes worst ball call of the century against Adam Cimber

Home plate umpire Dan Bellino inexplicably called a ball on a pitch Blue Jays reliever Adam Cimber threw dead center in the strike zone.

If you think electronic strike zones are the future of baseball, have we got a clip for you.

During Monday’s game between the Blue Jays and Indians, home plate umpire Dan Bellino made a great case for taking the human error out of the game.

Reliever Adam Cimber took the mound in the seventh inning and sent an off-speed pitch towards Ernie Clement.

Cimber threw a strike, but Bellino made undoubtedly the worst called ball of the century instead.

The call was so bad, even a Cleveland broadcaster called out the ump.

Automated strike zones have their downsides, but that kind of horrendous miss wouldn’t happen. Let the debates rage.

Dan Bellino made a terrible call with Adam Cimber on the mound

Cimber got Clement out on the next pitch when he flied out to center. The reliever gave up a double but took down the next two batters to get out of the inning with the game still tied at 2-2.

While he had to deal with that questionable call, things have gone Cimber’s way, for the most part, this season. He was traded from the Marlins to the Blue Jays at the end of June and has fit in perfectly with his new team. In 12 appearances, he’s given up just one run. His ERA is 0.79 over the last month with Toronto.


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