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Dodgers and Astros fans almost had massive brawl at stadium (Video)

A huge fight nearly broke out between Astros and Dodgers fans on Tuesday night in an incident that could have been avoided so easily. 

Remember when Mookie Betts said he wouldn’t be surprised if a fight would break out between fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros during their series? Well, it turns out the star player was on the money.

During Tuesday’s tilt between the two MLB powerhouses, Houston got the last laugh with a 3-0 win. However, in the middle of the action, a Dodgers fan went a little too far in trolling a Houston supporter and the two really almost ignited quite the brawl.

A Dodgers fan was out of line in trolling an Astros supporter

As you can see in the video above, the guy wearing the LA jersey was at fault here. Everyone was having a good time and even the fella in the Astros hat was smiling a bit as he was getting trolled. Then, the gentleman on the left decided to hit the other guy on top of the head. That’s a no-no.

After that happened, the Houston fan understandably was upset and got up on his feet. Unfortunately, he then took things too far by slapping the LA fan’s drink out of his hand. Next thing you knew, they were exchanging expletives and had to be separated. Others got involved and things really almost got out of hand.

Luckily, people stepped in and prevented haymakers from being exchanged. While this rivalry is a ton of fun, people simply have to be smarter than this. Yes, troll the Astros all you want, but don’t take things over the top. Both guys here need to calm down and be a bit more mature.

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