Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays

Jose Berrios at center of Blue Jays-Red Sox drama (Video)

New Blue Jays pitcher Jose Berrios was the first one out of the dugout during drama between Toronto and the Boston Red Sox.

Friday night’s Blue Jays-Red Sox game got a little fiery thanks to Hansel Robles and Jose Berrios, former teammates now on opposing sides.

The drama started in the bottom of the fifth inning after Robles took over for Nathan Eovaldi, who conceded seven runs in a disastrous stretch on the mound.

Robles didn’t make things much better when he hit Randal Grichuk with a 95-mph fastball.

The aftermath saw Berrios, who wasn’t pitching on Friday, and the Blue Jays nearly clear the benches.

Apparently, after beaning Grichuk, Robles walked towards the Blue Jays dugout and stared them down. Toronto was not pleased with that, Berrios chief among them.

Jose Berrios was front and center confronting Hansel Robles

Berrios and Robles were teammates on the Twins before both were shipped out at the trade deadline. Berrios landed with the Blue Jays while Robles ended up in Boston.

Whatever relationship they may have had in Minnesota, it didn’t ease the tension in Toronto.

Robles went on to give up two runs as the Blue Jays completed the inning with nine runs on the board.

The Red Sox and Blue Jays are heading in opposite directions in terms of form. Boston has lost seven of their last nine, in no small part due to major pitching issues. They just shook up their rotation to stem the bleeding.

Toronto is still 6.5 games out of first place in the AL East, but their recent form has been stellar. They’ve won eight of 10, including a series victory over the Red Sox in Boston.

Berrios, who won his debut with six scoreless innings against the Royals on Aug. 1, is scheduled to pitch against the Red Sox on Saturday in the second leg of a doubleheader.

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