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Former Phillies manager Larry Bowa blasts Mets’ awful offense

Former Philadelphia Phillies manager Larry Bowa roasted the New York Mets for their bad offense.

The New York Mets‘ reign atop the NL East division reached its end this past weekend after they were swept by the rival Philadelphia Phillies. New York getting swept can be attributed to their offense petering out in a crucial divisional series. In fact, they were outscored 12-5 by the Phillies, which included a 3-0 loss on Sunday.

Former Phillies manager Larry Bowa did not hold back when talking about the Mets’ offense on the “Unleashed with Mitch Williams” podcast. Bowa went as far to say that New York’s offense was “horrific.”

Phillies: Larry Bowa blasts the Mets and their ‘horrific’ offense

“The Mets, their offense is horrific,” Bowa said, via Jordan Cohn of Audacy Sports. “I’ve never seen that bad an offense since I’ve been watching baseball, playing baseball. It’s terrible.

“When the manager puts in the paper after the second game that we have trouble hitting a fastball… most of the time, no matter how hard a guy throws — even if he has good sink like Wheeler does — guys are gonna catch up to a fastball. They’re gonna start looking center-in in certain counts or looking for a four-seamer up. And most big-league hitters — I’m not saying they’re gonna get a hit — [but] they’re gonna put it in play.”

This slump came at the worst possible time for the Mets. They left their mark at the trade deadline by acquiring shortstop Javier Baez from the Chicago Cubs. That was supposed to help further propel their lead in the divisional standings.

Since the trade deadline passed, the Mets have lost eight of their last 10 games and were outscored by the opposition 50-24. That is far from ideal, especially since the Mets’ lead in the division was not vast.

The Mets will hope to get out of their slump on Tuesday when they face a Washington Nationals team that has sold every player not named Juan Soto at the deadline. They will need to improve, because following the Nationals set, they face off against the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants, two series each.

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