MLB catching heat for rumored broadcast deal with Barstool Sports

MLB is receiving some backlash in regards to their rumored broadcasting partnership with Barstool Sports.

MLB has been trying for quite some time to broaden its appeal to younger audiences. Now, there are rumors that they are working towards creating a partnership with a rather controversial sports media outlet. Of course, we are talking about Barstool Sports.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, MLB and Barstool sports have had “significant negotiations about having national midweek games on the site’s platform.” Additionally, Marchand mentions that there is a possibility that the two could create a program with a focus on in-person gambling.

MLB catches heat for rumored Barstool Sports partnership

While Barstool does have a huge outreach for younger viewers, the sports media outlet has a reputation for being misogynistic and sexist at times. As a result of this, MLB has been catching heat on social media for their reported negotiations with Barstool.

When the league agreed to terms with ESPN on a new contract that kicks in next year, the network dropped “regular, non-exclusive Monday and Wednesday games,” per Marchand. As a result, they needed to find a partner to help broadcast those games, and based off Marchand’s reporting, it appears they may have found one in Barstool Sports.

However, Marchand states that MLB and Barstool Sports both declined to comment.

Sure, Barstool Sports does have a passionate and loyal fanbase, but they have outspoken critics as well that avoid their content at all costs. If this deal is to go through, we can only imagine what the fallout will be from a public relations standpoint.

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