Pete Alonso gets ultimate revenge for awful HBP with walkoff against Nats (Video)

Mets first baseman Pete Alonso got sweet revenge against the Nationals after a HBP by hitting a walkoff home run to give New York the victory.

Pete Alonso had an eventful Thursday.

The Mets first baseman was at the center of several noteworthy moments from the doubleheader between New York and Washington.

He got fired up in the fourth inning of the first game when reliever Andres Machado caught him high and inside.

Alonso took offense and words were exchanged, but the incident passed without any major flareups.

Pete Alonso got revenge on the Nationals with a walkoff

Alonso got the last laugh and more in the seventh inning of the second game with things tied up at 4-4. He made the Nationals‘ seventh-inning rally all for naught with a 422-foot home run to end the game.

That’s undoubtedly more satisfying than a benches-clearing brawl over a HBP. Alonso let his play do the talking in the end.

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