Tim Anderson’s reaction to Field of Dreams home run belongs in Cooperstown (Video)

White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson gave his walkoff home run over the Yankees in the Field of Dreams game the reaction it deserved.

The Field of Dreams game was epic. So it’s only fitting that hero-of-the-night Tim Anderson delivered a classic celebration to his walkoff home run.

The White Sox shortstop needed exactly one pitch to send the ball into the cornfield for the victory.

His reaction belongs in the Hall of Fame with every other aspect of Thursday night’s spectacle.

He knew that was gone as soon as he hit it. He knew he’d won the game right there and then. That man knew exactly what he’d done and he enjoyed every second of it. He also let the Yankees know it.

Tim Anderson’s walkoff celebration was worthy of the Field of Dreams

For a game at the Field of Dreams, that was a dream ending for Anderson and the White Sox. Who cares if they gave up four runs in the top of the ninth to get into that position? The payoff was so very worth the drama.

Whatever else happens this season, Anderson will always be remembered for that moment. It was an all-timer.

The Field of Dreams game, paying homage to the 1989 Kevin Costner film, was an amazing idea to begin with. The fact that the actual action on Thursday lived up to the atmosphere made the whole event that much more incredible.

If MLB didn’t already have plans to continue this as an annual event, they have all the reason they should need after that game.

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