Chris Bassitt injury update: A’s pitcher taken to hospital

Oakland Athletics’ pitcher Chris Bassitt took a line drive to the side of his face. The A’s announced that Bassitt is conscious and on his way to the hospital to receive treatment. 

The matchup between the Oakland Athletics and the Chicago White Sox was halted when pitcher Chris Bassitt was struck by a line drive to the head. The injury occurred in the second inning of the game where Bassitt had little time to dodge the 100.1 MPH line drive. He quickly crumpled over in pain, grabbing the side of his face in serious pain.

The game was halted almost immediately while concerns, thoughts and positive words were sent from around the league from A’s fans and White Sox fans of the like.

Chris Bassitt is conscious and aware after being carted off of the field

There’s a less than 0.001 percent chance that pitchers are hit by a line drive as reported in a story by Sporting News. 

Unfortunately, Bassitt was one of that 0.001 percent.

Luckily he was conscious and able to be helped onto the cart before being replaced by Burch Smith.

The Athletics provided an update on Bassitt via Twitter, stating that he was conscious and aware. He’s en route to the hospital to get additional treatment. While we may not know what his injuries entail of at this moment, we can only hope that he’s free of serious injury, but able to recover without any future ailments.

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