Noah Syndergaard decided to use his Instagram to disrespect a homeless person, for some reason

New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard, a fully-grown adult who has been alive for three decades, harassed a homeless man in San Francisco for no apparent reason. 

The free-fall the New York Mets find themselves in isn’t the only ugly thing happening to the team.

New York has lost six of its last ten games and sit almost five games out of first place in NL East and over five games out of the MLB Postseason entirely. This after the team looked to finish the home stretch of the season strong following a decent middle of the year.

But in true Mets fashion, the team can’t stay out of its own way.

Similarly, injured ace Noah Syndergaard can’t seem to stop doing stupid things on social media.

Syndergaard, who recently used the sexual assault charges against Trevor Bauer to promote a book, used his Instagram and its almost 300,000 followers to embarrass a homeless man in San Francisco for no apparent reason.

The story was deleted, but not before the heinous job was done.

Syndergaard posted the image as the Mets were leaving San Francisco following a series against the Giants. New York lost two of three, despite scoring more runs in the series.

As hilarious as that fact is, there’s nothing funny about what Syndergaard posted nor his inability to stop whatever weird and problematic behavior he’s using his social media accounts for. He’s had a lot of time on his hands, having missed the entire season to this point with an injury and then a failed rehab stint, which would seemingly suggest he has the time to ponder how to not use his position of influence and power in such mind-bogglingly stupid ways.

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