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Yankees fan proposed to a Red Sox fan and the crowd hated it

When a Yankees fan proposed to a Red Sox fan, the crowd at Yankee Stadium let them hear their displeasure with a round of boos.

The important thing about a proposal is to make it special and make it you. That could mean getting down on one knee in private. It could also mean making your way onto the jumbotron at a Major League Baseball stadium.

A couple at Yankee Stadium learned something important on Wednesday: If you propose to a rival fan, you will get booed.

That’s what happened to a New York Yankees fan who popped the question to a girl in Boston Red Sox gear during the game between the two rivals.

If he thought their union would be met by cheering throngs, he was very wrong.

A Yankees fan proposing to a Red Sox fan resulted in boos

Then again, you know he does his own thing by the fact he seemed to propose with a ring pop.

Weirdly enough, turnabout might be fair play. In June, a Yankees fan proposed to a Red Sox fan on the Fenway Park jumbotron and got booed.

Are there a bunch of Yankees-Red Sox relationships popping up? Is this America coming together? Or is one couple going around getting engaged at different parks?

Either way, baseball fans at both parks responded with the boos their team loyalty requires. Hopefully, those couples took the lighthearted jeers in stride, but it really was their fault for feeding the rivalry.

In the end, she may have gotten the ring, but her new fiance got the win. The Yankees survived first- and ninth-inning home runs from the Red Sox with five runs in between, including an RBI single from Anthony Rizzo in his return from the COVID-19 list. Andrew Velazquez drove in two runs on two singles while Brett Gardner opened things up for New York with a sacrifice fly to score Giancarlo Stanton in the second inning.

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