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Braves: Travis d’Arnaud contract extension goes down as huge loss for Mets

Travis d’Arnaud’s Atlanta Braves extension is another massive loss for the New York Mets.

The New York Mets are really racking up the L’s of late, as they just took another one with Travis d’Arnaud‘s two-year extension with the NL East nemesis Atlanta Braves.

D’Arnaud had spent his first seven big-league seasons with the Mets. While he was once their top prospect, d’Arnaud never lived up to the hype in New York. However, he had a “breakout” season a year ago in his first run with Atlanta. He earned the NL’s Silver Slugger behind the dish. After missing most of 2021 due to injury, d’Arnaud has returned majestically in a Braves uniform.

This two-year extension is just another black eye for the Mets who are on the verge of collapsing.

Travis d’Arnaud’s Atlanta Braves extension makes the New York Mets look awful

Not only does d’Arnaud have a two-year deal with the Braves, but his current club has caught fire of late. Atlanta has won nine of its last 10 games and holds a four-game lead over the Philadelphia Phillies in the NL East standings. New York, who had been in first place for much of the season, now finds itself a full five games back of the three-time defending NL East division champions.

A big reason for the Mets fading recently is its strong pitching staff has taken a hit. This was the part of the team that was expected to carry them. New York’s offense has been inconsistent at best this season. One area where they have been abysmal at offensively has been behind the plate. Maybe releasing d’Arnaud back on May 3, 2019 was their GOB Bluth-level huge mistake?

D’Arnaud’s continued success with the Braves only makes the Mets look worse for letting him go.

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