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Michael Kay goes deep into rulebook to justify umps forcing Sean Manaea to ditch his glove

The umpires weren’t feeling Sean Manaea’s light green glove, so they decided he should switch it out for a…dark green glove instead.

Baseball is a fun sport, but it can lack in fashion. The days of players wearing sponge rollers to the stadium before the start of the game like Dock Ellis are long gone, but there’s still plenty of ways to express yourself.

For Oakland Athletics pitcher, Sean Manaea, he’s been expressing himself through his equipment, particularly his pitcher’s glove. The Mint Green glove has been a staple all season long and personally, how can you not be a fan? It’s different, it’s innovative, it’s something we need in a world of dull brown leather gloves.

But everyone’s not a fan.

Sean Manaea forced to ditch glove for some reason

Just before the game against the New York Yankees kicked off, the umpires consulted with Manaea to change his glove out for a darker one, as tweeted by Bryan Hoch. After an entire season of him wearing this glove, they finally got him.

Well does this make sense? Is this a part of the rules? Let’s ask Michael Kay:

Well, there it is… Smack dab in the rulebook.

But you have to wonder, after an entire season of sporting this glove, why is it such a problem now? Without much else to add, you can imagine the reactions were far for in favor for the switch… even if there is a rule… how unnecessary is it in 2021? We say very.

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