Mets: Luis Rojas’ latest comment is a fireable offense

Luis Rojas of the New York Mets seems to be blind to the criticism directed at him after “finding out” his players booed fans back just last week. 

The New York Mets have been really showing their true colors… well at least Luis Rojas is. His rap sheet this season includes pulling Taijuan Walker from the starting pitcher position which got the whole Mets fanbase pretty upset to put it lightly. On top of that, the team has been riddled with injury, getting some Mets legends riled up at the overall performance of their team.

There’s no question that he’s more of a liability than an asset at this point and his approach to particular matters can be damning, especially when playoffs are around the corner. But this next blunder is really the icing on the abysmal cake.

Luis Rojas says the Mets players booing fans back is the first time he’s ever heard of it happening

Rojas was asked about the booing that’s been going on for at least a week now. To his “surprise” he had no clue that his own players were returning the favor to their own fans.

Rojas stated that it’s the first time he’s ever heard of this happening, or at least him being made aware of his players retaliating. This is kind of strange because you have to wonder where his head is at throughout the entire duration of the game where he has absolutely no clue that this is going on.

While he continues to dig a hole for himself, Steve Cohen should start scouting the League now. Anything is better than what has been going on for what feels like an eternity for Mets fans.

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