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Watch Juan Soto commit grand larceny on Didi Gregorius near-home run

Nationals outfielder Juan Soto committed an act of robbery against Didi Gregorius when he denied the Phillies star a sure-fire home run at the wall.

You won’t see a police report for it, but we’re pretty sure Juan Soto just committed grand larceny on a Didi Gregorius home run bid.

The Nationals outfielder went back at the wall and snagged Gregorius’ home run ball for an out.

It was an unfair feat of athleticism by Soto. Check it out here:

The incredible catch helped to preserve a 5-2 lead for Washington against the Phillies.

Gregorius was the first batter up in the top of the seventh and came that close to putting a run up on the board.

Juan Soto kept Didi Gregorius from cutting into Washington’s lead

While Gregorius didn’t get to round the bases, Philadelphia didn’t have to wait long to chip away at Washington’s advantage. Odubel Herrera drove in Alec Bohm with a single later in the inning.

The Phillies started the scoring in the second inning with a Ronald Torreyes RBI single. Bryce Harper made it 2-0 with a home run in the top of the third.

However, the Nationals fought back. Soto made it home on a Carter Kieboom single in the fourth before Tres Barrera was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded to score Josh Bell. Bell came back in the fifth and blasted a three-run homer, taking the lead at 5-2.

Nationals fans have watched their team get dismantled with a trade-deadline fire sale including Max Scherzer, Trea Turner and more. Soto is at least still around to give the fans at Nationals Park something to cheer about.

Washington is 49-59 while sitting fourth in the NL East.

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