Rafael Devers physically restrained after argument with home plate umpire (Video)

Boston Red Sox slugger Rafael Devers looked like he wanted to get in the face of home plate umpire Chris Guccione.

Devers had to be restrained by third-base coach Carlos Febles, as it looked like the Red Sox third baseman was about to go give Guccione a piece of his mind and then some. Febles even made contact with Devers’ face, though it’s unknown if that was intentional at this juncture.

Guccione called Devers out on a swinging third strike, which the batter argued he made contact with. A quick replay shows that, in fact, Guccione was correct in the matter.

Devers was already heated, and Febles making contact with the player’s face didn’t necessarily help matters.

Boston Red Sox making most of final two games in Tampa Bay

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For Devers, this is undoubtedly a bad look, especially considering he didn’t make contact with the baseball. Guccione was right in his assessment, and shouldn’t have been mocked and berated for calling Devers out.

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