5 MLB records that will never be broken

Cy Young

Cy Young. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Every record is meant to be broken, well, except for a few of these all-time records in MLB.

Records are meant to be broken, but some of these ones in MLB are simply insurmountable.

Whether you are looking at single-game records, single-season records or career records, all have a tremendously special place in the game of baseball. However, I tend to like those that are more of the career variety the most. Anything can happen in a single game, just like anything can happen over the course of a season. But over the course of several seasons, those do it for me.

Here are five of my personal favorite MLB records that will never, ever be broken by anyone.

5 unbreakable MLB records that will forever stand the test of time

Nobody is touching Cy Young’s 511 career wins or even approaching them

It goes without saying, but there is absolutely no chance anybody is ever coming even remotely close to Cy Young‘s 511 career wins. He has not pitched in over 100 years, and it might as well be another 300 before somebody living on Mars gets to even 400 again. This is all about how vastly different the game of baseball is now in the 21st century since Young took the hill in his prime.

While we did see several pitchers achieve 300 career wins relatively recently, it may be a while before we see someone join that club, much less the even more illustrious 500-win club. Again, this is all about how differently the game is played now. Managers keep an incredibly close eye on innings pitched. Pitchers get starts once every fifth day. Nobody wins 30 games in a season either.

To put it in perspective of how impossible it would be for somebody to achieve 512 career victories, a pitcher would have to average 20 wins a seasons 25 years and then some to pass Young. Even if a guy got into the big leagues and was a guaranteed 20 wins a season at the age of 18, he would have to pitch into his age-44 season to have any shot at possibly catching Young.

The days of 500-win pitchers are long gone, but 300-game winners are an endangered species.

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