Cubs: 3 reasons chasing Kris Bryant this offseason is a bad idea

Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs

Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

Kris Bryant refused to close the door on a Chicago Cubs reunion upon his first return to Wrigley Field as a member of the Giants. That’s…not a great idea.

Bryant is expected to be paid upwards of $20 million a year come free agency, and the Cubs don’t necessary have the money or timeline to afford such a contract. While Ka-Boom has had a nice bounce-back season for both the Cubs and San Francisco Giants, it’s worth questioning just what type of team he’d benefit the most.

The 30-year-old Bryant will always be able to get a free beer in Wrigleyville, but that doesn’t mean it makes sense for him to re-sign with the Cubs as early as this offseason. Familiarity with the Cubs organization should earn them a meeting, sure, but there are multiple reasons why Chicago should close the book on this chapter.

Cubs: 3 reasons why chasing Kris Bryant is a bad idea

1. Cubs timeline doesn’t match Kris Bryant’s potential

Bryant is already 30, and while he still has a few good years left in him, the Cubs don’t plan on making a playoff run anytime soon.

No, Jed Hoyer finally has the approval of ownership to undergo a full-blown rebuild should he choose, and after trading the likes of Javy Baez, Anthony Rizzo and Bryant, there’s very little stopping him from doing so. Adding Bryant would delay those plans for no good reason, other than bringing a few extra fans to ballpark who are already used to watching him play.

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