MLB Twitter reacts to Miguel Cabrera’s 500th home run

Miguel Cabrera smashed the 500th homer of his career and folks are losing their minds about things all over Twitter. 

History was made on Sunday, as Miguel Cabrera has become the latest MLB superstar to reach 500 career homers. With the Tigers down to the Blue Jays in the top of the sixth inning, Cabrera smashed a solo dinger to reach No. 500.

Now in his 19th year in the bigs, Cabrera is a fan favorite in Detroit and rightfully so. He’s meant so much to the team ever since he arrived in the Motor City in 2008. Folks all over the country are now showering him with love following this major accomplishment.

MLB Twitter is going nuts after Miguel Cabrera hit his 500th career dinger

It’s no surprise that Cabrera is getting so many positive messages, as he’s known for being a great teammate. Seriously, people are giving him a ton of props on Twitter.

There are few players who have been as head-turning of a player this generation than Cabrera. The man was born to hit the cover off the ball. While he’s been with Detroit through some lean years, he’ll go down as one of the best players to ever done the club’s jersey.

Ask anyone about him in the clubhouse and teammates will be quick to say how great of a guy he is. That’s why so many folks are sending him so many well wishes after this 500th homer.

Cabrera had been sitting on 499 and thousands of fans were waiting for the next dinger to arrive. Luckily for all of us, the wait is over and Cabrera got the job done on Sunday. What a career he’s had.

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