Javy Baez invites group of cancer patients from Puerto Rico to Mets home game

New York Mets’ Javy Baez’s top moment from Wednesday night’s game didn’t come on the field, but off of it as he welcomed a group of cancer patients from Puerto Rico to Citi Field.

The New York Mets have had their fair share of troubles this season and while making the playoffs seems unattainable at this point, Javy Baez has found other ways to create joy.

On Wednesday night’s game against NL East rival St. Louis Cardinals, Baez welcomed a group of children who are battling cancer to Queens. Baez, who is Puerto Rican, has a history of giving back to the island that he calls his home.

Javy Baez uses platform to extend beyond baseball

Baez’s gesture to welcome children with cancer and their families to a Mets game puts on display the type of person that he truly is, although he didn’t do it for the recognition.

It’s Baez’s first season with New York after spending the past seven seasons with the Chicago Cubs and he’s already enacting ways to make a positive impact. That’s no surprise, as his passion is undeniable, but it’s a moment for all fans of the MLB to look on with a smile.

Most will think about the 2016 World Series whenever Baez crosses their minds, but the children and their families that were in New York on Wednesday night will think about him in a different light. He’s not just Javy Baez the baseball player, he’s a sign of hope.

Never change, Javy.

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