Astros should be fuming at Rays’ Kevin Kiermaier incident

The Houston Astros should be frustrated over how the Tampa Bay Rays’ incident involving Kevin Kiermaier was handled. 

If you ask MLB fans what comes to mind when they hear someone mention the Houston Astros, it’s likely something to do with the organization’s infamous sign-stealing scandal. Understandably so, the Astros won’t be able to live that down anytime soon.

But, why haven’t the Tampa Bay Rays been held accountable after Kevin Kiermaier snagged a Toronto Blue Jays’ data-card off of home plate?

The Astros need to be scratching their heads wondering how the Rays got by with that one.

Houston Astros should be upset over Tampa Bay Rays incident regarding Kevin Kiermaier

The Houston Astros can enter any visitor’s stadium around the country and there’s one thing for sure that’s going to happen – booing, a whole lot of booing.

By that logic, shouldn’t center fielder Kiermaier at least have to answer for his sketchy behavior?

It all started whenever Blue Jays’ catcher Alejandro Kirk tagged Kiermaier out at home, which resulted in the card falling out of Kirk’s wristband. Stakes are high enough as Toronto is vying for a Wild Card spot as the regular season draws to a close.

Kiermaier told SportsNet that he didn’t realize what the card was whenever he picked it up, but that he wasn’t going to give it back. The admission is surprising to say the least. Why did Kiermaier feel he had to pick up the card in the first place, and why not just give it back to avoid this entire thing?

It was a bizarre situation that apparently is now ‘aqua under the bridge’ to the managers in Tampa Bay and Toronto.

It seems that the incident was almost handled a bit too smoothly.

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