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Jayce Tingler explains why he screwed over the Giants, and it’s not good enough

San Diego Padres manager Jayce Tingler made a mind-numbing decision on Wednesday night that screwed over not just his team, but the Giants as well.

When the Giants lost on Wednesday night, they assumed they wouldn’t lose a game in the standings given the Padres held a 4-run lead over the Dodgers in the late innings.

Assume nothing, Giants fans. There’s a reason Jayce Tingler could be on the outs in San Diego.

Relief pitcher Emilio Pagan entered the game for San Diego and immediately gave up back-to-back home runs to the Dodgers. Two batters later, he gave up another blast.

Why, exactly, was Pagan in the game? Tingler has an answer.

Jayce Tingler explains why he screwed over the Giants

“We’re a little bit limited just with where guys are at right now,” Tingler said to the media after the loss. “But as far as Pagan, obviously he hadn’t been throwing the ball to his capability. I was thinking he’s somewhat fresh and look, nobody feels worse about it than EP. He’s been an absolute warrior for us all year both on the mound and he’s one of the leaders down in the bullpen, and I’ve got a ton of confidence in him — I do.”

Pagan has been bad of late, as Tingler willingly admits. So…why would he have confidence in him in this late-game situation? ‘Not having enough guys’ isn’t a good explanation.

Tingler would be better off taking the L than trying to justify that decision. And while he’s at it, pack your bags and leave the clubhouse for good.

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