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Russell Wilson shows Mariners some love for playoff push

Star quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks is amazed by the Mariners’ last effort push to make the MLB playoffs.

Wednesday night, the Seattle Mariners won their 11th game in 13 outings. It’s been this extremely necessary streak of great play in the final stretch of the regular season that has them knocking on the door of a Wild Card spot in the American League. And the neighborhood’s star quarterback, Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson has been enjoying the Mariners’ great play down the stretch.

According to Fangraphs, when the Mariners began their hot play on Sep. 17, they held a 1.7% chance of getting into the playoffs. As of today, while not a lock yet for the postseason, they have a 19% chance to get in.

Mariners: Russell Wilson showing Seattle support

In a report from Gregg Bell of the News Tribune, Wilson shares that he’s been paying attention to the Mariners’ last-ditch rally and that it has been an inspirational run for the city.

“But it’s been really cool to see what the Mariners have been doing,” Wilson said. “Just that ‘Believe’ attitude that you see and you experience and you watch, it’s throughout the whole team.”

After their win Wednesday night, Wilson said that “it’s been amazing to watch” the tight playoff race that the Mariners find themselves in.

Currently, the Mariners stand at 89-70 and are 3.5 games behind the AL West-leading Houston Astros. If Houston can win a game, then they’ll clinch but the Mariners have a little more work to do and will need help along the way. Seattle is in a tight race with the Yankees, Red Sox and Blue Jays for the two Wild Card positions.

To get in, Seattle must win out and hope that the other three teams take a couple of losses before the playoffs begin next week.

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