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Dusty Baker chugs beer out of a shoe to celebrate Astros AL West crown (Video)

During the Houston Astros celebration after clinching the AL West crown, manager Dusty Baker chugged a beer out of a shoe.

Going into last night’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays, the Houston Astros magic number to clinch the AL West was one. That one would secure their fifth straight playoff appearance, the longest streak in franchise history, as well as the fourth division title in those five years. And while that one certainly came when the Astros beat the Rays 2-1, Houston’s manager Dusty Baker, himself, had a cold one in a baseball cleat.

Knowing that they were no longer being chased by the Seattle Mariners for the top spot in the AL West, the Astros celebrated their win like any other team would after accomplishing this feat and drank to their heart’s content.

This was a touching moment for Baker, who had become the first manager in MLB history to clinch a division title with five different teams. He expressed his gratitude for the moment and the team in the locker room before the drinking celebration began.

“That was the hardest but greatest year ever for me,” Baker told his players. “Thank you, guys. I know I ain’t been in here much after the game with y’all celebrating but tonight, man, is a special, special night. I just want to thank God for you guys and thank God for everything that’s happened. I love you guys, man.”

Following his congratulatory speech, Baker retrieved a random baseball cleat, poured his drink into it and then proceeded to chug while the team around him cheered him on.

This celebratory act is called a “shoey” and it’s one that Baker looks to be able to deep into October with this Houston team.

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