Watch: Dodgers fan fights the police at Dodger Stadium, and it ends really poorly

The Los Angeles Dodgers are fighting the San Francisco Giants for the NL West title and one of their fans is fighting security inside Dodger Stadium.

Dodgers fans are dealing with some tough injury news surrounding Clayton Kershaw who had to leave Friday’s start early and his postseason availability is in doubt.

Perhaps that’s why one Dodgers fan was so emotional on Friday night. So emotional that he went and thought he could take on an entire security detail inside Dodger Stadium.

Of course, it didn’t end well for this Dodgers fan who ended up at the bottom of a pile of humanity and likely spent the night in jail for his behavior.

Dodgers fan fights police at Dodger Stadium

Who knows what set this fan off and how it escalated to the point of thinking he could take on multiple security/police officers. The thought process to engage in a physical altercation like this with law enforcement is clearly not smart, and is in fact, one of the dumbest things you can do.

Expect this fan to be banned from Dodger Stadium for life and he may want to call a lawyer because he’s probably in a jail cell somewhere at the moment.

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