New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays

Angel Hernandez creates unintentional ump show on Gio Urshela catch (Video)

In a locked Tampa Bay Rays-New York Yankees game, controversial MLB umpire Angel Hernandez stole the spotlight again with a deep plunge into the Rays dugout. 

Sunday’s Rays-Yankees game doesn’t matter for the undisputed winner of the AL East, the Tampa Bay Rays — but it does matter for the New York Yankees, who are firmly locked in a heated Wild Card battle with the Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays.

New York has whittled their magic number down to one, meaning a win this afternoon could get them the playoff seed they’ve been working towards all season.

With a 0-0 score in the seventh inning, all eyes were on who will win this game and what it means for the post-season… but not if Angel Hernandez has something to say about it.

In a hilarious sideshow, controversial MLB umpire Angel Hernandez was seen diving right into the Rays’ dugout.

MLB umpire Angel Hernandez makes scene at Yankee Stadium for Rays-Yankees showdown

If the ungraceful umpire fall seems accidental, rest assured that there’s a chance it isn’t. Angel Hernandez has gained a reputation for his theatrics, with fans chiming in that this was no accident at all.

To be clear, all Hernandez was doing was trying to make a call, but instead of using the conveniently-located stairs, he decided to eagerly dive headfirst into the dugout.

Earlier this season, Hernandez was criticized for poor officiating when the Cleveland Indians played the Kansas City Royals in May. Hernandez has also made headlines for suing the MLB for discrimination, just adding to the reputation that makes him the most hated umpire in MLB.

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