Chicago White Sox, Houston Astros

Astros fans pour beer and sucker punch White Sox fan during ALDS game (Video)

Things got ugly in the stands as the Astros and White Sox faced off in the ALDS with Houston fans pouring beer on and sucker punching a Chicago fan.

While the Astros and White Sox were battling at Minute Maid Park, some fans took it upon themselves to battle it out in the stands as well.

Someone grabbed video as an Astros fan poured beer on a White Sox fan as he walked up the aisle. After a retaliatory shove, another fan sucker punched the guy.

Video posted to Facebook showed the White Sox fan who got assaulted was later walked away in handcuffs. A person who claimed to be sitting near him claimed he was heckling and had been asked to leave multiple times.

Fighting marred the Astros win over the White Sox

This is a sports fan problem. Not an Astros one or a White Sox one. All it takes is people being respectful towards one another for these incidents to stop.

The Chicago fan shouldn’t have disrupted the fans around him with heckling or other questionable behavior. The Houston fans definitely shouldn’t have responded by pouring beer down his back and throwing sucker punches. It’s all infantile behavior and excusing either side is weak.

After a year without fans in the stands, it’s sad to see so many of these incidents spoiling sporting events that should be a celebration of stadiums being full again.

Fans across the country need to do better.

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