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Bizarre Mr. Met-lookalike makes appearance at Dodger Stadium

The New York Mets somehow made their way to Dodger Stadium for the NL Wild Card Game. 

Who said that the New York Mets didn’t make it to the MLB postseason? In Wednesday’s NL Wild Card Game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals, Mr. Met’s doppelganger was in the stands. New York finished the season with a 77-85 record, so the team had to get creative to find a way to make it to the playoffs.

The Mets completely fell apart following the MLB All-Star break in July, so the team’s mascot (or something like looked like him?) was feeling left out.

Dodgers: Mary Hart seen next to bizarre Mr. Met lookalike

New York hasn’t made the postseason since 2016 when it lost in the NL Wild Card Game, so maybe that really is Mr. Met in the stands. You’d look rough too if your team had only made the playoffs nine times in 58 seasons.

Or maybe it’s a distant cousin of New York’s mascot. It looks like an odd mix between Mr. Met and the mascot for Jack In The Box.

Perhaps it’s Luis Rojas in disguise. Rojas was previously New York’s manager, but was fired two days ago. Appearing at Dodger Stadium in a beat-up Mr. Met costume could be how he’s choosing to cope.

Whatever that is in the stands, it now makes sense as to why it’s called the Wild Card. If the Mets make the postseason next year, will what looks to be the mascot’s distant cousin be there to cheer them on?

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