Blue Jays rumors: Marcus Stroman open to reunion, but is it a good idea?

The former Blue Jays pitcher might be ready to rejoin this playoff-primed franchise — but should Toronto bring him back into the fold?

Blue Jays fans have much to be take pride in this year, even if their team missed playoffs — it was by a single win in the MLB’s most competitive division.

The Jays are building something in Toronto, something fans and even former players are repeating as they head into the offseason earlier than expected. One advocate for this new Blue Jays crew is Marcus Stroman, the Jays’ former pitcher who now throws for the New York Mets.

But if Stroman’s wishes come true, he could be coming back to Toronto for a reunion.

Should the Toronto Blue Jays bring back Marcus Stroman at pitcher?

If it were up to Jays fans, the answer would be mixed: some would love to see him home for a reunion, while others blame him for the “toxic culture” that team managers had to clean up in recent seasons.

Stroman is seen by some as a problem player with a significant ego, while others cite his supportive attitude as a team player and serious competitor.

While relationships matter, the easiest way to answer this question is by looking at the money. Stoman won’t be brought on if it costs the team the chance to bring back Robbie Ray or Marcus Semien.

The Jays also wouldn’t bring Stroman in if it costs them a huge luxury tax hit, which is a possibility to entice a pitcher like Stroman. When the dust settles on all contracts, there may not be enough room to deliver Stroman the contract he merits.

But if the stars align and the money lines up, Stroman could come back home for a reunion with the franchise where he started it all.

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