Legendary A’s broadcaster Ray Fosse passes away

Iconic Oakland A’s broadcaster and former MLB All-Star Ray Fosse passed away at 74 years old on Wednesday after a long, quiet battle with cancer.

Ray Fosse, the unforgettable Oakland Athletics broadcaster and 12-year MLB veteran, passed away on Wednesday after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 74 years old.

Before heading into the booth in Oakland, Fosse spent 12 years as an MLB catcher, spending time with Cleveland, Oakland, Seattle and finished with Milwaukee in 1979. He was a two-time All-Star with the Indians in 1970-71 and also won two World Series with the A’s in 1973-74.

He eventually became the color commentator for the A’s in 1986, a position he held throughout 2021, putting him in the booth for 35 years with the organization. And in doing so, he became a part of the fabric of the team and of A’s fandom.

Oakland A’s released a statement honoring Ray Fosse after his death

In the immediate wake of Fosse’s passing, the Athletics organization released a statement on Twitter:

From the fan reaction to the statement from the team, it’s abundantly clear how integral Fosse was as part of the city and the franchise. That, of course, stands to reason for anyone who has been behind a microphone calling games for 3.5 decades.

But it wasn’t just that Fosse was there — he was good at his job, one of the best even. And when you throw in that he was also a well-respected man when not calling games, that only adds to the sadness of losing an A’s icon.

Rest in peace, Ray Fosse. You will be missed by many.

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