Red Sox: Alex Cora gives great update on Chris Sale just in time for ALCS

After his nightmare showing in Game 2 against the Tampa Bay Rays, Chris Sale is ready to make a difference in the ALCS. 

Ever since he returned from Tommy John Surgery, things just haven’t been the same for standout Boston Red Sox hurler Chris Sale. In the ALDS, he got the start for Boston going up against the Tampa Bay Rays, but he got shelled for five runs and was pulled after only one inning of work in Game 2.

You just hated seeing Sale struggle like that, even if the club exploded offensively while getting a great relief effort from Tanner Houck to get the win in Game 2.

Well, while Red Sox fans shouldn’t expect him to get another start in the ALCS, skipper Alex Cora made it more than clear that he’ll be ready to count on the lefty to toss some valuable innings for him coming out of the bullpen.

Chris Sale could still make a big impact for the Red Sox this postseason

Per Cora, he was all set to have Sale come out of the bullpen in Game 4 if Boston had the lead. Of course, Sale wasn’t needed after all and Boston went on to close the series out with a 6-5 victory over the AL East champs.

Now, Boston is on to the ALCS and they’ll have the tall task of trying to bring down Dusty Baker’s Houston Astros. The AL West champs are the favorites to take down Boston and then get back to the World Series.

Not so fast, as Boston is hungry to keep their improbable run going. They upset the White Sox and now the Astros are on their mind. For Sale, it looks like his move to the bullpen could be locked in for the rest of the playoffs. With that said, he’ll be more than ready when his number is called by Cora.

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