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Did Carlos Correa already rule out the Mets in free agency?

The longtime Houston Astros shortstop hinted at which New York team he’d prefer as a free agent — and it wasn’t the New York Mets. 

It’s a fact: Fans of blue and orange in New York sports are destined to misery.

And the misery continues, as one of the best available free agents in the offseason doesn’t even seem to be considering the Mets as a potential destination.

According to Talkin’ Yanks, Astros shortstop Carlos Correa was discussing free agency on a Puerto Rican radio show. Gauging his interest in New York, a Mets fan asked the Houston player if he was interested in the East Coast. Correa said he loves it.

The fan pressed further, asking which shade of blue he likes, a reference to the Mets and Yankees’ shared use of the color. Correa said he likes “the one with pinstripes.” Confirming his worst fears, the fan asked again if he liked navy or blue and orange, to which Correa emphasized “just blue.”

Carlos Correa clarifies that he is not interested in becoming a New York Met

Correa, a 2017 World Series champion, was named to his second career All-Star Game in 2021. Although 2017 was undoubtedly the biggest year of his ten-year career, Correa is one of the most promising free agents hitting the market ahead of the 2022 season.

Although the Astros are headed for another ALCS series in dark blue and orange, New York’s orange and blue franchises haven’t been as lucky.

Between the Knicks basketball team and the Mets baseball team, they have only won four championships in what is supposed to be the best market in sports. Since they were founded in 1962, the Mets won two championships. The Yankees won eight championships during that same time.

Although one New York team may not be able to recruit Correa, the Puerto Rican native has left the door open for New York’s pinstriped blue team to make a play.

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