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Juan Soto on trash-talking Austin Davis: Wanted to ‘kick his ass’

Juan Soto wanted revenge on Red Sox reliever Austin Davis, who came into the game talking some serious trash.

The Red Sox would go on to win a critical game in D.C., of course, but for a brief moment Soto was in position to tie the game, at the very least.

With the bases loaded and one out, Soto hit a very long sacrifice fly and drove home the tying run. The Nationals bullpen would relinquish the lead soon after, but the moment wasn’t lost on Soto postgame.

“I’m really not thinking anything. I just tried to make good contact. He started talking trash to me, and my mindset just changed to kick his ass. That’s what I’m going for,” Soto said.

Nationals: Juan Soto wanted revenge on Austin Davis

For the record, Soto didn’t want to physically hit Davis. This is more assault of a baseball we’re discussing.

Soto’s had an outstanding season, and is a perennial MVP candidate. Unfortunately, the Nationals seem to be embracing a brief rebuild as Soto enters his prime.

As for the Red Sox, Boston is tied for the top Wild Card spot and would host the Wild Card game if the season ended today. Every game matters down the stretch, and the Red Sox clutch win over the Nationals means everything.

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