MLB rumors: Alex Rodriguez out for Sunday Night Baseball next season

According to Darren Rovell, Alex Rodriguez has been asked to stay on Sunday Night Baseball for 2022 but he doesn’t plan to continue.

If you enjoy seeing Alex Rodriguez on Sunday Night Baseball, Darren Rovell has bad news for you.

It doesn’t look like the former All-Star will be coming back for the 2022 season.

Rovell’s sources in Bristol claim Rodriguez is out.

Alex Rodriguez isn’t likely to return to Sunday Night Baseball

It’s not because ESPN hasn’t asked him back. Rovell reported that he was “asked to sign on, but will not likely join.”

A-Rod has been part of the Sunday Night Baseball crew since 2018. Clearly, the network has been happy enough with his work, but he’s not interested in returning. Where he’ll go from here is unknown. He still is part of FOX’s playoff coverage for this season and could continue his appearances for that network.

Rovell added that Matt Vasgersian won’t be part of Sunday Night Baseball going forward either. He’s going to focus on his other duties.

“I decided to call it a wrap on ‘Sunday Night Baseball. I can’t do everything I enjoy with MLB Network and the Angels, while still being away for nearly 30 weekends a year,” Vasgersian told Andrew Marchand.

Instead, Karl Ravech and Eduardo Perez have signed on for 2022 as a play-by-play host and analyst respectively.

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