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Alex Lange calls out Jose Abreu for leaning into pitches

Detroit Tigers hurler Alex Lange didn’t hold back in calling out Jose Abreu for leaning into pitches after he accidentally drilled him. 

There was plenty of drama on Monday late in the showdown between the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers. First, Tigers hurler Alex Lange hit Jose Abreu with a pitch. Shortly after that, Abreu lost his mind sliding into second and the benches ended up clearing.

Lange has passionately said he didn’t mean to hit Abreu in his team’s 8-7 defeat. Now, he’s taken things a step further, calling out Abreu for leaning into pitches. Abreu is among the league leaders in getting hit, and clearly the Tigers aren’t too pleased about how things ended on Monday.

Alex Lange isn’t too pleased with Jose Abreu and the Chicago White Sox

As you can see from Lange’s quote, he’s a bit annoyed with how things have played out. He’s being made to look like the bad guy, when at the end of the day he didn’t mean to plunk Abreu. It was a one-run game in the top of the ninth. Did White Sox fans really think Lange was foolish enough to put a runner on board for free like this in such a close contest? There’s just no way.

Abreu clearly took exception to being plunked and then his frustrations boiled over on that play at second base. Next thing you knew, everyone lost their cool and the folks at Comerica Park were treated to some extra fireworks.

Come Friday, these two teams will be set to meet once again for a weekend series, this time at Guaranteed Rate Field. Should Lange and Abreu face off again later this week, Lange will be ready to try and silence Abreu with a dominant strikeout. As for Abreu, he’ll want to get some revenge on Lange as well.

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