Astros fan’s anti-Joe Buck sign is biggest win from World Series Game 1

A Houston Astros fan sported a sign that parodied a famous MasterCard slogan, using it to make fun of despised MLB announcer Joe Buck. 

Astros fans aren’t big Joe Buck fans — he’s been known to call the Houston organization out for its 2017 World Series cheating scandal long after the fact.

While the Dodgers were facing the Astros in the 2020 World Series, Buck detailed how the Astros cheating scandal affected the Dodgers back in 2017. Buck called Clayton Kershaw a “victim” of that cheating scandal.

Buck wasn’t wrong — the Dodgers were all victims of a scandal that has polarized the sport ever since — but Astros fans still don’t like to hear about it.

Perhaps that’s why Buck’s absence from this year’s World Series Game 1 announcing booth has this Astros fan celebrating with a sign.

Astros fan celebrates World Series Game 1 without MLB announcer Joe Buck

In a classic reference to a longtime MasterCard commercial, an Astros fan describes just how much a trip to Minute Maid park is for the first game of the World Series.

Parking alone was $90, and with $6 peanuts and $16 beer, the game has already cost the fan $112 — and that’s without the price of the ticket.

Still, the idea of not having to listen to Buck announce the Astros game is absolutely priceless, making every penny spent worth it.

Funnily enough, MasterCard released their own take on what’s priceless at the ballgame, and it was spending time with one’s family. But for this Astros fan, nothing is worth more than the sweet silence of a Buck-less broadcast.

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