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Mets laughable attempt to steal Mike Girsch from Cardinals falls by the wayside

The New York Mets tried to snag Mike Girsch away from the St. Louis Cardinals and it definitely didn’t work.

Well, it looks like Mike Girsch will be sticking around in St. Louis for the foreseeable future. He apparently may have had the opportunity to move to New York but elected to stay in Missouri. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, he’s got a good, stable job as the St. Louis Cardinals General Manager and the cost of living is much more affordable.

Oh, and he won’t have to deal with the headache that the New York Mets can be.

According to a tweet from Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Mets apparently approached Girsch with the intent of letting him be their General Manager. In his tweet, Goold said a source indicated that Girsch intended on staying right where he was.

Mike Girsch turns down New York Mets in favor of staying with the St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals may not be the perfect organization, but the tools to win are already assembled for Girsch, making his job a lot easier. On top of that, Girsch and the rest of St. Louis’ front office just went through the process of making a pivotal hire for the next manager of the Cardinals, Oliver Marmol.

Girsch has a pretty nice gig going right now. Why leave it for a team that has been a little unstable in recent seasons?

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