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Eddie Rosario, Dansby Swanson blow Braves no-hitter in painful fashion (Video)

Atlanta Braves outfielder Eddie Rosario clearly misplayed the ball off Aledmys Diaz’s bat on the Astros first hit of Game 3.

It wasn’t all Rosario’s fault, as the ball landed between he and shortstop Dansby Swanson in the shallow outfield. it’s a play we’ve seen countless times in baseball, but when it happens in the top of the eighth inning in a potential combined World Series no-no, one can understand why fans might react that way.

Here’s the play in question:

It appears unfair to suggest Rosario didn’t try his hardest on the play. It is the World Series, after all.

Countless MLB media members were claiming that it was Rosario’s fault, and not theirs, for suggesting history could be made before the final out.

Braves: Is loss of no-hitter on Eddie Rosario, or Dansby Swanson?

In the end, the Braves will take a win over any potential history made. Heck, one could even blame Brian Snitker for pulling Ian Anderson with under 80 pitches thrown. There are any number of excuses the Braves can employ after the game, but I can assure you they will not use any of them if they can hold on for a Game 3 victory.

An eventual World Series win — the Braves first since 1996 — would be far more important than a no-no for Anderson, or any individual achievement.

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