Oakland Athletics putting feelers out for move to Las Vegas

The Oakland Athletics have made it known they’re willing to relocate the franchise and they’re now putting out feelers to fans in Las Vegas.

It’s no secret at this point that the Oakland Athletics have been eyeing a move to Las Vegas for the franchise as their attempts to come to an agreement on a new stadium deal in their current home have been unfruitful.

Things have clearly been progressing towards a move to Sin City for the A’s, so much so that it’s been reported that the organization is set to announce a group of finalists for locations that would host a new stadium in Las Vegas after the World Series concludes.

But if that wasn’t clear enough that the A’s could very seriously be leaving Oakland soon enough, the franchise recently sent out surveys to fans of the Las Vegas Aviators, the club’s Triple-A affiliate, to gauge interest about the Athletics moving to Las Vegas.

Moving the Oakland Athletics to Las Vegas seems increasingly likely.

Becoming the Oakland Athletics in 1968, the franchise has resided in the Bay Area for 53 years since. Thus, a move to Las Vegas would certainly be a blow to long-time fans.

What might be an even bigger twist of the knife, though, is Las Vegas being the seemingly preferred destination. After all, the Oakland Raiders left their home in the same city for Nevada several years ago. The A’s would only be adding to that feeling of abandonment.

In terms of Las Vegas itself, though, the Raiders and Las Vegas Golden Knights in the NHL have thrived in the relatively untapped pro sports market, so it makes sense as to why the Athletics would be considering this move, especially if they’re able to get the new stadium they so desire.

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