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Falcons, Hawks, Georgia football congratulate Braves on World Series win

Every Atlanta sports team and even throughout the state of Georgia came out to congratulate the Braves on winning the World Series. 

Anyone who’s lived in or been to the city of Atlanta knows how deeply engrained the sports culture is with the people. While there are often different teams that support one another in the same city throughout the United States, it’s a different feeling in Atlanta.

So as the Braves captured their first World Series, it shouldn’t shock anyone that the Atlanta and Georgia sports scene was tuned into the massive triumph — the franchise’s first championship in 26 years — and ready to celebrate.

They came out together quickly to offer their congratulations.

Falcons, Hawks, Georgia football, state’s sports teams all come out to celebrate Braves World Series win

From the Falcons to the Hawks to the Bulldogs to the Dream to the Yellow Jackets to Atlanta United, Atlanta and the state of Georgia was elated with the Braves World Series victory:

That’s certainly a ton of love outpouring for the Braves from the city and state.

If you like to party, my best advice would be to get to Atlanta as soon as possible. The parade won’t be until Friday but, if there’s anything that the city and Georgia knows, it’s how to get down whenever something big happens.

The Braves winning the World Series undeniably qualifies as that.

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