Padres frustration boils over into stands with wild fan fight (Video)

Things were only made worse for the San Diego Padres this week after a massive fight broke out in the stands between fans. 

A year that started with so much promise is about to end in a major disappointment for the San Diego Padres. The team had hopes of going on a deep postseason run, but they’ve gone 2-8 in their last 10 games. Now, the club will need a miracle to make the playoffs.

On Wednesday night, the squad suffered an 8-6 loss at Petco Park to the powerful San Francisco Giants. Folks in the stands had clearly seen enough and decided to take their anger out on one another.

San Diego Padres fans were leveling each other with punches in the stands

As you can see in the video above, folks weren’t holding back in letting haymakers fly. This wasn’t something that involved 1-2 people. Nope, this was a massive fight that broke out and security had no chance of slowing people down right away.

`With so much star power in the lineup, the Padres really were hoping to make plenty of noise this fall. Instead, it’s looking increasingly likely that they’ll watch the postseason from home. Hey, maybe next year, San Diego.

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