Kansas City Royals unveil new uniforms for first time since 2012

Kansas City Royals new uniforms were revealed on Friday afternoon, and they’re a blast from the sort of recent past. 

It’s the dawning of a new era in Kansas City.

For the first time ever, the Chiefs have a quarterback — and not just a quarterback, but the quarterback of this era in the NFL. Across the street from Arrowhead, though, the Kansas City Royals are entering a new chapter in the franchise’s history as a youth movement of young and talented players are starting to take their first steps.

The last time the Royals had a youth movement like this, it culminated in a World Series title. That’s an obviously lofty goal, but there’s hope in Kansas City that this team not only will fulfill that prophecy but do so quicker than what fans had to wait for the last time.

They’ll also look good doing it.

Nothing signifies a change more than physically changing something about something familiar. Like a new haircut after a breakup, the Royals are celebrating this next chapter for the franchise with an update to its uniform rotation.

Kansas City Royals new uniforms revealed

After teasing new uniforms earlier in the offseason, hte Royals made good and revealed what they’ll be wearing when the 2022 season starts.

There’s not a whole lot different with the Royals home look, expect for perhaps things like a larger font across the front of the jersey. The cursive ‘ROYALS’ remains as it has been for so many years, and the powder blue jerseys are still Kansas City’s alternate home look.

The changes to the Royals uniforms come to the road jerseys, which drop the cursive text and replace it with a more bold faced font.

Check out the new threads:

This isn’t the first time the Royals have gone with those sort of look on their uniforms. From 1995-2005, the Royals used the ‘Kansas City’ text without the cursive font on the front of their road uniforms.

Real fans will remember that the 2002-2005 versions of these uniforms featured a black sleeve rather. These updated road uniforms are nearly identical to the ones the Royals used from 1995-2001, which sort of makes these a blast from the past.

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