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Tigers not willing to break the bank for Carlos Correa

The Detroit Tigers are reportedly not interested in throwing an absurd amount of money towards free agent Carlos Correa.

The Houston Astros are going to have a hard time paying what Carlos Correa seems to want in free agency, but it seems like another team he’s apparently interested in will have a hard time matching what he wants as well. The Detroit Tigers are reportedly not thrilled with the idea of breaking the bank to land the talented shortstop.

According to a tweet from Jon Heyman, the Tigers don’t exactly love the concept of paying Correa, or really any individual player, that much money.

In Heyman’s tweet, he explains that Detroit is looking to address multiple issues with its roster, and that means they don’t currently have the budget to give Correa over $300 million, which opens the door up to some other shortstops on the market right now.

Carolos Correa free agency update: Detroit Tigers don’t want to break the bank when signing a shortstop

Even though he’s absurdly talented, it seems like Correa is going to have a hard time seeking out the sort of contract that he seemed like he wanted.

Does that mean the Astros have a shot to bring the star shortstop back to Space City? Maybe, that remains to be seen. From the previous offers the Astros have sent Correa’s way, Houston (like Detroit) seems unwilling to give Correa a $300 million contract.

He very well may be worth that, but there are several talented free agent shortstops available this year and teams are apparently having a hard time justifying paying Correa that amount when they have to address multiple positions.

It’s also interesting to consider how many years teams are willing to put on their contract offers for Correa and how long Correa will want his next contract to be. There’s a good chance he might end up having to settle on that side of things as well.

It’ll be fascinating to see how this all plays out for Correa and whichever team he ends up with for his next contract.

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