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National Baseball Hall of Fame ballot predictions: Who gets in?

The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY revealed their ballot for the 2022 class, highlighted by a few players listed in the Mitchell Report.

Curt Schilling, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are on the ballot for the final time, and seem unlikely to make the Hall due to their connection to steroids. Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz are also listed on the ballot for the very first time.

The only lock for Cooperstown, it would seem, is Ortiz, who led the Boston Red Sox to three World Series in a decorated 20-year MLB career.

David Ortiz stats: Does he deserve enshrinement?

Based on the statistics alone, there is no question. Ortiz is one of the best power hitters of his generation, hitting 541 home runs. His career slash line of .286/.380/.552 really stands out, as the former Red Sox and Twins slugger made the All-Star team on 10 occasions, and won seven Silver Sluggers.

Barry Bonds Hall of Fame case

Bonds’ case is hurt by his connection to steroids and potentially even HGH. BALCO and MLB testing records show Bonds tested positive several times between 2001-06 for anabolic steroids.

A complete timeline of Bonds’ steroid use, which taints his title as the true Home Run King over the great Henry Aaron, can be found here.

Roger Clemens Hall of Fame case

The Mitchell Report alleged Clemens to have used anabolic steroids, but it’s never been proven. Clemens never admitted to steroid use, and a grand jury found him innocent of perjury. Nonetheless, it’s commonly assumed that the 354-game winner cheated the game, despite his silence over the years.

Alex Rodriguez Hall of Fame case

A-Rod admitted to taking steroids in 2009, making his case for the Hall of Fame a complicated one. Despite being one of the most physically gifted shortstops of his time, and an elite power hitter at the plate, Rodriguez seems unlikely to receive the 75 percent vote necessary to make the Hall.

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