When and where can fans start buying Cleveland Guardians merch?

Cleveland baseball fans will be able to stock up on brand-new Cleveland Guardians gear as soon as this week, according to reports. 

The Cleveland Indians have been in the midst of a crucial rebranding for years now.

After a century of using the name “Cleveland Indians”, the Cleveland MLB team decided to change its controversial name last year.

Now, the day has finally come when Cleveland baseball fans can stock up on merchandise featuring their new name and logo, the Cleveland Guardians.

Cleveland Guardians merch: Where to buy it

On Friday, Nov. 19, Cleveland Guardian apparel will be available in the team store, and all social media and digital platforms will transition to the new branding.

On the following Tuesday, gear should be available elsewhere, such as MLB retailers.

Cleveland Guardians name history

The name has protested against for decades as part of a greater Native American mascot controversy affecting all levels of American sports. Cleveland, like many other teams, have repeatedly maintained that they intended to “honor” the Native American community with the name, but protests and human rights complaints prove otherwise.

The team has reluctantly changed its identity over the past few years, beginning with the removal of Chief Wahoo, a racist caricature, from all Cleveland Indians branding in 2019.

On July 23, 2020, the team finally decided to do away with their name as well after the Washington Football Team underwent their own name change for the same reason. Guardians owner Larry Dolan wanted his team to “keep improving as an organization on issues of social justice.”

The team announced they would change their name to the Cleveland Guardians in honor of Guardians of Traffic, which is an installation of eight large Art Deco statues on the Hope Memorial Bridge near Progressive Field.

The Guardians name has also been involved in controversy, but of a different nature: the MLB team shares the name with a Cleveland roller derby team.

As of Nov. 16, their ongoing legal dispute was settled, and it was agree that both teams would continue to use the name.

Although the gear hasn’t been officially released yet, here is how Cleveland Guardians fans can expect their city and team to look with the new rebrand.

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