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Noah Syndergaard slams Carlos Correa for ridiculous Derek Jeter take

Noah Syndergaard made it incredibly clear that he didn’t care whatsoever for Carlos Correa’s controversial take on Yankees legend Derek Jeter. 

It goes without saying, but free-agent slugger Carlos Correa infuriated countless baseball fans earlier this month. In case you missed it, Correa stunningly came out and said that Derek Jeter didn’t deserve any of his Gold Gloves. Is the man insane?

Jeter will go down as one of the best shortstops ever. On top of timely hits, he was a total beast in the field making plays for New York. You know who didn’t care for Correa’s comments? Noah Syndergaard. Despite suiting up for the Mets, Syndergaard isn’t going to let anyone bash Jeter like this. 

Carlos Correa’s take on Derek Jeter infuriated Noah Syndergaard

While on with the MLB Network, Syndergaard didn’t hesitate in saying if he could strike out any player in the bigs, it’d no question be Correa.

“Not just for the obvious reason, but just what he said about Derek Jeter not deserving his Gold Gloves, I think that was a little ridiculous to say,” Syndergaard said.

As for the ‘obvious reason’ here, Syndergaard is surely referencing the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal from 2017 which rocked MLB as we know it. The Astros players from the campaign now have a high amount of enemies, as folks strongly believe they cheated their way to the World Series win.

While it’s completely up in the air where Correa will play next season, Syndergaard doesn’t care about that. Regardless of who he suits up for, Syndergaard will be ready to fire some fastballs right by him in style. Whenever Correa does make his free agency decision, Syndergaard, now with the Los Angeles Angels, will be ready to circle that upcoming matchup on his calendar.

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