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Brewers sign Manny Piña replacement via free agency

The Milwaukee Brewers lost Manny Piña to the Atlanta Braves earlier in free agency. Now, they have a replacement in Pedro Severino.

Severino isn’t a huge name, but he’s the kind of low-profile signing that can go under the radar as a potential replacement for Manny Piña. The Brew Crew needed a new backup catcher, and they got one thanks to general manager Matt Arnold.

Severino’s time with the Orioles was always seemingly on a timer, as top prospect Adley Rutschman is ready to take over. As a former top pick in the MLB Draft, Rutschman is the O’s catcher of the future, and potential face of the franchise as well. Baltimore has struggled mightily the last few seasons.

Brewers: Will Pedro Severino start at catcher?

Omar Narvaez made the All-Star team for the Brewers last season and started 123 games as a backstop. He will not be replaced by Severino, that much is certain.

But catcher is a grueling position, and rightly so. Crouching behind the plate and managing a pitching staff for an entire season takes time and effort, which is why contenders need more than one catcher they can rely on, especially later in the season.

The Brewers are expected to be in the top-tier of the National League once again next season. He fits their mold, and is a bargain compared to what some catchers of his ilk will receive on the open market.

But no, he will not start. At least not yet.

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