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Red Sox projected starting rotation after signing Michael Wacha

What will the Boston Red Sox starting rotation look like now that they’ve signed Michael Wacha in free agency? Well, it might be a little deeper now.

The Boston Red Sox may have found an arm to help steady their starting rotation, but it’s probably not attached to a pitcher who many Red Sox fans were hoping for.

But with Eduardo Rodriguez leaving to join the Detroit Tigers, Boston needed to find someone to help round out the rotation. Apparently, they were willing to agree to a deal with 30-year-old Michael Wacha.

According to Jeff Passan, the Red Sox secured a deal with Wacha, who was previously with the Tampa Bay Rays, and all they need him to do is pass a physical.

Wacha had some ups and downs throughout the 2021 season as he racked up a 5.05 ERA and gave up 132 hits during the regular season. In some small sample sizes, like against the Red Sox on June 24, Wacha struck out seven batters and only allowed one hit.

So, maybe there’s a chance that he could consistently do something like that for Boston. Who knows?

Boston Red Sox free agency: What will the Red Sox starting rotation look like in 2022?

What will the addition of Wacha do for Boston’s starting rotation? Well, given his age and less-than-stellar 2021 season, he’s probably not going to be one of Boston’s top options, but he could add some depth.

  1. Chris Sale
  2. Nathan Eovaldi
  3. Nick Pivetta
  4. Tanner Houck
  5. Michael Wacha

The potential for Wacha to have some solid outings is there, as evidenced by that solid showing against Boston a season ago.

The upside is there for Wacha and the Red Sox are signing him to a one-year deal. There’s no real harm in bringing him to Boston and there’s always a chance that the club could move him later in a trade that could bolster their roster and starting rotation even better than having Wacha on the roster could. Moreover, all indications are that the Sox will still be after the likes of Marcus Stroman and other free-agent pitchers on the market.

We’ll see how things unfold. Boston is obviously interested in chasing after another World Series and Wacha might somehow play a role in helping the Red Sox get there, one way or another.

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