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The most epic memes and reactions to Max Scherzer’s Mets deal

Baseball fans are losing their minds over Max Scherzer’s blockbuster deal with the New York Mets.

Max Scherzer is headed to Queens!

After a weekend of big moves, New York Mets decided to one-up themselves and make MLB history by signing Scherzer to a three-year deal totaling $130M. That gives him an AAV of $43.33M, the highest AAV in the history of the game, and it’s not even close; the previous AAV also came out of New York, when the Yankees signed Gerrit Cole in 2019.

Unsurprisingly, baseball fans on social media are absolutely losing their minds over this signing. Here are some of the many must-see reactions.

Max Scherzer deal: Best memes and reactions

Some fans are comparing team owner Steve Cohen to Thanos from the Marvel movies:

Other fans poked fun at Steven Matz, who supposedly changed his mind about which team to sign with last week, angering Mets owner Steve Cohen:

Many pointed out that Scherzer will make more in 2022 than several teams’ current total payrolls, which says a lot about the sport, but that’s a topic for another day:

Yankees fans lost their minds…

Others mocked the Yankees for how little they’ve done this offseason while their crosstown rivals spend like there’s no tomorrow:

SNY, home of the Mets and other New York sports, went all out:

And finally, the New York Mets themselves (or rather, the social team) had something to say:

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