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Rangers continue infield spending spree, but it’s not Carlos Correa

The Texas Rangers ownership group was determined to spend this offseason, and they’ve done just that by signing Corey Seager.

In the span of a few days, the Rangers have completely rebuilt their infield, signing Marcus Semien and now Seager. Just as Semien did with the Toronto Blue Jays, he’ll likely play second base, with Seager taking his usual position at shortstop…for now.

Seager may have to transition to third base as he ages, but for now he remains a capable shortstop. The Dodgers noted this, and will be moving Trea Turner to short as an interim replacement for Seager.

Give the Rangers credit — they’ve backed up all the talk. Texas finished with over 100 losses last season. The front office and ownership deemed that unacceptable, and have spent to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Corey Seager contract details: Rangers spending spree continues

The Rangers signed Seager, who is currently 27 years old, to a 10-year contract worth $325 million. This leads many to wonder exactly how much Carlos Correa will get, as he was considered the jewel of the shortstop market before the start of free agency.

The Yankees were considered a favorite for Seager’s services, but likely didn’t want to go over the $300 million mark. Correa now makes the most sense in the Bronx, if they can afford him, of course.

Looks for the Astros to also step up for Correa’s services, hoping to bring him back to Houston. Many of their perceived backup plans are now off the market.

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