Yankees next move should be obvious, or else fans will riot

The Yankees need to make a move, and it’s very clear what it is to their fans.

To the very loud and apparent demise of their fans, the New York Yankees have been relatively quiet during the 2021 MLB free agency hot stove. The Bronx Bombers, known for their endless amount of cash and ability to get anyone they really want, have been dead silent as names like Scherzer, Seager, and Semien have come off the board.

The fans are noticing these stars not coming to play for the Yankees.

The Yankees need to sign Carlos Correa before they have bigger problems

It’s beyond obvious what fans want and expect from the Yankees — Carlos Correa. Correa is the biggest prize on a rich free agent market. Everyone knows what he’s capable of and what he brings to the table. His credentials are big-time: Rookie of the Year, two-time All-Star, a Gold Glove Award, and a World Series Champion.

He knows how to win. The Yankees (seemingly) know how to win. It seems like a match made in heaven to me.

The Yankees need to act now, before Correa is off the market and fans in the Bronx erupt. It’s not like they can just play the “we have to spend our money cautiously” card like other teams. They are the New York Yankees. They basically invented money.

While the Yankees have been relatively dormant, the Texas Rangers have committed over $561 million to free agents, and the New York Mets $254 million.

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